Our Vision

AlMehdar exchange company is one of Almehdar Trading Group in Yemen, we are pleased to serve you in send and receive and exchange money.

Our Vision

Al-Mehdar Exchange Company was founded in 1997, as a trading company concentrated their activities in dealing with the finances of transfers and accounts and financial securities based on their reputation and confidence among its customers.

Started in their work based on a sense of deep personal responsibility of national, social and humanity with the founding and human values ​​and ethical believed by the drafters of its inspiration in the light of the convictions entrenched they have and their deep understanding of the needs, tastes of the consuming public policy, business strategy company and drew their goals and roles assumed national and economic, social and humanitarian.

Thanks to Almighty Allah and thanks to the sincere efforts by the administrative leadership did not take the company a long time in the growth, development and expansion, gradual, as soon as market confidence and won the confidence and satisfaction of a mass base broad spread throughout the land of Yemen, particularly the Hadhramaut and strongly in support of economic and social development in Yemen public and private Hadramout.


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