Al-Mehdar Exchange Company

We are one of Almehdar Trading Group in Yemen, we are pleased to serve you in send, receive and exchange money

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About Us

Almehdar Exchange Company

Al-Mehdar Exchange Company was founded in 1997, as a trading company concentrated their activities in dealing with the finances of transfers and accounts and financial securities based on their reputation and confidence among its customers.

Send and recives your money as fast as possiple

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Change your currency with easy and secure way

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Be in connection with your account by our mobile application

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Be Our Agent

Al-Mihdhar Exchange Company Agents

To get closer to our customers in all parts of the country, Al-Mihdhar Exchange Company offers a service (Al-Mihdar Agent). A service that enables company agents to send and receive customer remittances inside and outside Yemen, deposit customer accounts, pay utility bills to customers and exchange currencies.